Q&A with Sarah Konsky

Sarah M. Konsky is a former member of the CARPLS Board of Directors. She is currently the Director of the Jenner & Block Supreme Court and Appellate Clinic at the University of Chicago Law School. The Clinic represents parties and amici curiae in cases before the United States Supreme Court and other appellate courts. She also is a Clinical Professor of Law at the Law School. Before joining the Law School faculty, Professor Konsky was a partner at Sidley Austin LLP. 

What are some positive, fun or just memorable memories of CARPLS you have?

It was an honor to serve on the CARPLS board through years great growth – new technologies, new projects, new collaborations, hitting the millionth legal consultation (!!), etc. I enjoyed seeing the organization becoming more ambitious and expanding its reach, while still staying true to its missions.

And what a great group of people! I enjoyed getting to know the CARPLS board members, leadership team, and staff members.

What did you connect to with CARPLS’ mission?

I continue to connect with CARPLS’ mission of providing access to legal justice. There are a lot of great organizations providing important legal services in Chicago and Illinois. But CARPLS fills an important and unique need in our community for people experiencing legal problems. People often need help at the first step – understanding what is happening, figuring out how to handle the problem if appropriate, and figuring out who can help if not. I appreciate that CARPLS is helping so many people navigate their legal problems and obtain access to legal justice. 

What has surprised you the most as far as the change and growth CARPLS has experienced?

New technologies have posed both challenges and opportunities. I’m impressed by how CARPLS has grown from a small telephone hotline to something much, much bigger. I’m impressed by how CARPLS has made thoughtful and smart moves along the way – from building technological innovations to support its work, to strategically growing its projects and reach. And I think it’s important that CARPLS has continued to recognize the importance and value of providing people with access to lawyers and legal advice to help them. 

What do you hope for CARPLS’ next 30 years?

CARPLS is filling an important need in our community! I hope that CARPLS can continue to grow and expand its reach, to help more people get access to justice.