Client Stories

“I was very concerned about appearing in court. The conversation and legal advice received really put my mind at ease. I was able to use the advice given immediately, and I feel I will gain favorable results. Also, I was given coaching on what I need to do to further help myself with my current situation. I will be more than ready to face whatever is coming next. I would highly recommend anyone to use this service. Mine was an outstanding experience.”

– Andrew, January 2023, who called our Cook County Legal Aid hotline

“I could not have gotten through what has been the most stressful situation of my life without CARPLS! Faith in humanity restored. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I’m sure I could not have managed this without CARPL’s help. I hope to someday pay it forward.

– Julie, November 2022, who used our Municipal Court Advice Desk

“The attorneys were polite, patient, and thorough. They gave me a piece of mind and made me feel like my case was a priority. I was very anxious about my court date; however, my attorney was patient, clear, helpful polite and assertive. I went to court more confident with the necessary tools to help my case. Thank you!”

– Callie, October 2022, who called use the Early Resolution Program through the Cook County Legal Aid for Housing & Debt Program

CARPLS helped me understand more about getting my records expunged or at least sealed, which can help me get a home hopefully. They also guided me in the right direction.

– Nick, September 2022, who called our New Leaf Illinois hotline