Q&A with Nick DiGiovanni

Nick J. DiGiovanni is the Chairman of Locke Lord’s Reinsurance and Insurance Litigation Groups, overseeing a team of over 40 lawyers nationally and internationally. With over 35 years of experience in commercial litigation, he specializes in national and international reinsurance and commercial disputes across all lines of business, handling litigation, arbitration, insolvency, and rehabilitation proceedings. His clients include leading insurance and reinsurance companies worldwide, serving as ceding companies, reinsurers, and retrocessionaires. Nick leverages this extensive experience as a member of the CARPS advisory board.

What is your history with CARPLS?

I was on the Board of CARPLS around 2-3 years after it started and stayed on the Board for six years. I have stayed involved over the years through participating on the Advisory Board, raising funds, and supporting the Golden Gavels.

Why did you decide to join the CARPLS Board? What did you connect to with the mission?

Frosty Pipal was on the Board and convinced me to join. It was an easy sell and my first tour of the CARPLS facility and meeting the members at that time made it clear to me that this was a great organization with a wonderful mission. It is hard to believe the tremendous growth that we have seen since those early days.

What do you hope for CARPLS’ next 30 years?

Continued growth and expansion and a nation-wide recognition of just how effective this model is at providing effective and efficient legal services to those that need it most.

What are some highlights you can speak to over CARPLS’ history?

I have enjoyed every single Golden Gavels I was able to attend. I am especially grateful to have been able to hear and experience firsthand some of the great success stories where CARPLS has literally changed lives. It is an honor to be associated with the men and women who make CARPLS run and who are the reason we have so many grateful and appreciative clients.

What has surprised you the most as far as the change and growth CARPLS has experienced?

I have been surprised and amazed at two things. One, the exponential growth and recognition we have achieved under the leadership of Al Schwartz and his great team. Little did we know that this idea would evolve into the innovative and effective model that we have today. Second, I am amazed that we never changed the name! The CARPLS acronym was the talk of the early Board meetings with hours devoted to how we have to come up with a better name. To my surprise, we never got around to in and…Well look at us now!