Q&A with Bruce Braun

Bruce Braun is a current CARPLS Advisory Board member, former member of the Board of Directors and a Partner at Sidney Austin LLP. He is a global co-leader of the firm-wide 750 lawyer litigation practice group and a member of the firm’s Executive Committee.

What are some early memories of CARPLS you have?

My earliest memories of CARPLS are terrific—the organization was in start-up mode, with an unreliable phone system and leaky roof, but also with an excellent and dedicated team led by Leslie Corbett, who supervised a young Al Schwartz. The vibe was entrepreneurial and fun, with everyone exhibiting a true passion for the mission of providing access to legal services to those who needed it the most. 

What did you connect to with CARPLS’ mission?

CARPLS “had me at hello.” As a lawyer, I know better than anyone how difficult it is to navigate the legal system without a lawyer or someone to guide you.  

What are some highlights you can speak to over CARPLS’ history?

I remember when CARPLS moved from its modest offices in Greek Town to the Loop and then Board Member, Nick DiGiovanni, surprised us at a board meeting by pulling out a personal check to pay the first month’s rent. A very touching moment that spoke volumes about Nick’s (and the Board’s) resolve in supporting CARPLS.  

What has surprised you the most as far as the change and growth CARPLS has experienced?

What surprises me the most is how Al Schwartz never seems to age and how he and the team remain as committed as ever.

What do you hope for CARPLS’ next 30 years?

That it continues to evolve in how it provides services, as it meets the growing demands of those who need legal services in Chicago.